zondag 4 maart 2018

Colorful Baby Blanket!

As soon as I saw this pattern, I just hád to make it! I had just received a gracious donation from my sister with the perfect yarn (size, color ánd softness) ánd I had a great goal: to make this baby blanket as a gift for a pregnant friend. I couldn't wait to try out all those different stitches in those sweet pastel colors. Making this blanket has been a joy every inch! 

Let's take a closer look (link to pattern at the end of this blogpost):

Crochet baby blanket colorful afghan

Crochet baby blanket colorful afghan

I love making baby blankets: the size is just right to keep it interesting and you can go crazy with the colors! I do have a photo with the blanket in use - if I can find it I'll add it! Isn't it great when people appreciate your hard work, time and effort and actually USE your gift? I love it!

Want to make your own? I used THIS FREE PATTERN!

Happy crocheting!

EDIT: Found it! I'm so proud!

baby in stroller sleeping under Crochet baby blanket colorful afghan

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