dinsdag 3 april 2018

Crochet Baby Pikachu!

One of my nephews is an absolute Pokémon Superfan! His greatest ambition in life is to become a Pokémon trainer and he's always sharpening his skills on the Pokémon computer games. It wasn't much of a surprise to  me that he requested Pikachu, the most iconic Pokémon character of all! I mean, even I knew the little fellow and that is saying a lot!

My Pikachu crochet pattern search turned out some great results, so there were lots to choose from. I choose a smaller amigurumi (because my little nephew requested a pocket-sized Pikachu) and went to work. I love crocheting with bright colors and this little guy worked up quite quickly!

My apologies for the poor photo quality, this photo was taken with my old phone that had a dreadful camera... But hopefully you will get an idea of the final result!

crochet amigurumi baby pikachu pokemon

Want to make your own? I used THIS AWESOME FREE PATTERN! Also head over there for some better quality pictures of this little Pikachu amigurumi!

Happy Crocheting!

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