woensdag 21 maart 2018

Crochet Soccer Ball!

When asked what I could crochet for him, my nephew answered: a little soccer ball. I'm always amazed what kids would want to get when given a choice! I have collected some of the very cute and very cool crochet patterns out there on Pinterest, but children hardly ever choose one of those. Instead, they go for some obscure and frankly quite unexciting alternative. Kids are little weirdos sometimes.... It's a good thing I like weird things!

And so I searched for the perfect little soccer ball pattern out there and created this little monstrosity: 

Crochet amigurumi soccer ball

Warning: this is so much work! And you can go absolutely insane attaching all the pieces - you almost need a master's degree in mathematics! Phew! Anyway: my nephew was happy with it and used it the rest of the afternoon to throw unexpected curve balls in his father's (my brother's) face. Boys will be boys!

Want to make your own? I used THIS PATTERN and it's free! Yay!

Happy crocheting!

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