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Miffy Baby Gift!

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In English she is called "Miffy", but in the (original!) Dutch this lovely little bunny is called "Nijntje", which is short for the word "konijntje" ("little rabbit" in Dutch). Her creator Dick Bruna is a famous Dutch illustrator and author. He lived in Utrecht - my alma mater - and in the heart of this great city now a museum is dedicated to this wonderful artist and his many creations. The "Miffy Museum" is so much fun for kids - big or small! 

An Austrian friend of mine has lived in Utrecht for a couple of years and became a great fan of Dick Bruna's work. So when she became pregnant it was not difficult to decide to make her and her baby a sweet little Miffy doll. I love this little white rabbit in her bright red dress!
Let's take a look at how she turned out:

Crochet amigurumi miffy doll

Crochet amigurumi miffy doll
Here she is from the back. The dress is made separately and can be taken off. 

And just because I adored making this project some more photos!

Crochet amigurumi miffy doll

Crochet amigurumi miffy doll

Ahh, lovely! Want to make your own? I've adapted several patterns into one to create my own Nijntje. Like THIS ONE (in Dutch, use Google Translate!) or THIS ONE!
The dress is completely free-handed, measuring on the doll as I went. I alternated between rounds of single crochet stitches and double-crochet stitches to get the stripey effect on the dress. 

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