maandag 15 januari 2018

Donation Time!

Crocheted Donated Items

Remember these blankets? I finally was able to sew them together and prepare them for donation. In those preparations it is very important to securely weave in your yarn ends so that the blanket doesn't come "apart" in the wash. And with several fairly large striped blankets that can take a lot of time!! But I prevailed and finally they were done and ready to ship out.

I also included in the donation box my cool "Where's Wally" crocheted hat that I had used in a Halloween costume. And the very first scarf that I have knitted that put me on the path to Crochet! It was long and bulky, but still fairly (though not completely) straight, and it was time for it to go. The donation box went to Romania, hopefully they can use a warm long (!!) scarf and a silly pompom hat!

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