woensdag 17 januari 2018

Doll Patterns Shop!

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Designer Olga from the Doll Patterns Shop on Etsy (you'll find the link to her store at the end of this blogpost) first caught my eye with her remarkable style of dolls. The doll faces are very lifelike and have a definite unique character. This makes Olga's design style immediately stand out. Let me show you a couple of examples:

Amigurumi doll girl with cat ears

Amigurumi marionette girl crochet pattern

Amigurumi doll, girl with bunny suit and flowers

Amigurumi doll, boy with stick horse

Amigurumi doll, girl knitting sitting on couch
Aren't these dolls amazing? And their outfits are cute too!

Olga has also designed some awesome animals: some of them are remarkably lifelike and others have the "Olga" signature face and style that we so admire!

Amigurumi goat realistic

Amigurumi dog with soccer ball and soccer uniform

Amigurumi reindeer with antlers and overalls

Pink amigurumi cat with green eyes and heart shaped belly

Large crochet cat pillow with little girl snuggling

Amigurumi teddy bear with big paws and scarf

Cute amigurumi ballerina bear in tutu.

Want to see more and perhaps even make your own unique doll or animal? Check out the Doll Patterns Shop on Etsy!

More designers and their creations are spotlighted here!

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