woensdag 31 januari 2018

Dudu Toy Factory!

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Colorful crochet amigurumi lion lying down

Bright happy colors, sleek lines, impeccably executed examples: Desi of the Dudu Toy Factory on Etsy (you'll find a link to her store at the end of the blogpost) is an amazing amigurumi designer. She started crocheting toys when her youngest son was born in 2006. Her confidence and skill grew with each finished item and now she designs her own patterns! She also loves to knit and crochet clothes, scarves, hats, bags and all sorts of other things that she sells in her other Etsy store

Let's take a look at some of her work. First, let's see some examples of her animal-designs!

Four Colorful crochet amigurumi dogs with eye patch

Colorful crochet amigurumi dinosaur playing with blocks

Amigurumi elephant sitting in striped pajamas

Girl and boy amigurumi mouse in clothes standing next to each other

Amigurumi dog with short pants and scarf

Amigurumi girl bear in purple dress with buttons
Cute, right?! I just love the bright contrasting colors, they make me so happy! Desi's dolls are just as darling: 

Colorful crochet amigurumi doll girl with pig tails and dress

Colorful crochet amigurumi doll with scarfs and beanies

Colorful crochet amigurumi mermaid with violet hair and blue tail

Want to see more of Desi's gorgeous patterns? Check out her Dudu Toy Factory pattern store on Etsy! 

Want to see more awesome and talented designers: THIS is the place!

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