dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Visiting A Craft Fair!

My sister, her two daughers and me visited this wonderful craft fair in Zwolle. Well, it wasn't really a craft fair as such, although you could buy some supplies to do your own crafting, it was more of a "handmade crafts market": all the stalls showcased handmade objects that their owners had made themselves. It was very inspiring to see the level of talent out there! Despite the cold (!) we had a great time!

My two nieces loved to make their own leather stamped bracelets: 

This one says "Landia", the name of a country my niece Dana made up.

And this one says "Mermaid", because that is what my niece Naomi wants to be when she grows up!

My sister bought these awesome, authentically Indian fabric stamps. She is a professional tailor and loves everything to do with fabrics and the manipulation thereof. 

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