maandag 12 februari 2018

Colorful Yarn Stash Organization

At a certain point in a yarn crafter's life, she (or he!) has to face this problem: how do I organize my yarn stash? As a yarn addict looking at yarn, feeling it and seeing all the bright colors makes me very happy. And it makes me want to buy more! My yarn was stashed all over the place: plastic tubs, plastic bags, stuffed in between books on shelves, under my bed, literally everywhere! Finally, I was fed up and wanted a better system, or (let's face it...) a system.

I happily started researching the possibilities (hello Pinterest!) and soon I was drooling over the super-cool and absolutely beautiful solutions of the more professional crafters. What a wealth of fantastic ideas out there! Unfortunately, my small apartment has serious space limitations and so I had to adjust the gorgeous Pinterest ideas to my own wants and possibilities. 

I wanted a way to be able to easily pick the colors I needed for different projects without having to start a scavenger hunt all over my apartment. Ánd I wanted to be able to enjoy the colorful goodness that yarn brings. So I came up with the idea of my "Wall Of Wool"! And here it is in all its messy glory!

Colorful Yarn Stash Organization

I know it is not very spectacular, but I loved (and love) it! It just takes up three shelves of my trusty Ikea Billy bookcase and every time I look at it, it just brings me great joy!

Colorful Yarn Stash Organization
Here's a more "zoomed out" view of the bookcase. Yes, the rest of the bookcase is a big mess too!

After a little while I did adjust a couple of things, ending up with the final result that is still standing strong today:

Colorful Yarn Stash Organization

I do have to confess that is just the visible peak of the yarn stash iceberg: all the more basic (and boring) colors (whites, creams, browns and blacks) are stashed away in bins in my closet. My thinking was that I can find them easily should I need them, so I don't have to have them out on display. And that is just my acrylic yarns. I also have bins of the smaller cotton yarn skeins in all different colors and sacks and sacks of donated yarn. Hmm... I might have a problem... Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a yarnoholic... 

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