dinsdag 17 april 2018

ATERG Crochet!

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Just look at the colorful goodness of these crochet designs! Such a wonderful feast for the eyes! The designer of all this awesomeness is Greta from the Netherlands (yay!). Her motto is: "Never a day without crochet" and I couldn't agree more! Greta's designs take shape while she crochets, unravels, crochets and unravels etc to get exactly the shape and design she wants. I particularly love her elephant applique design. Can't help myself - elephants are my favorite! And her applique heart crochet garland is nothing short of spectacular! 
Scroll down this handful of examples of colorful crochet designs to find your own favorite, but remember that many more wonderful designs can be found at Greta's Etsy shop!

Click the photos for the link to the pattern!

crochet applique elephants

crochet applique flowers

crochet applique flowers

crochet applique flowers

crochet applique flowers

crochet applique hearts

crochet applique sheep
amigurumi crochet cats

crochet amigurumi chinese lantarns

amigurumi crochet fish

crochet necklace pendant

crochet pin cushion
amigurumi crochet sea horses

amigurumi crochet snail

amigurumi crochet air balloon

crochet applique butterfly garland

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