zaterdag 28 april 2018

Dog In Sweater: Free Crochet Pattern!

What a cute dog! And how amazing is it that the pattern for this crochet project is completely free! The finished size of the dog is approximately 7 inches (18 cm).
This pattern has been translated and published in this article with permission of the original designer: Lyudmila Orlova. She is from Russia and is an avid crocheter who sells her adorable amigurumi creations. She only wrote one pattern (yes, this one!) and I'm very happy about that! I couldn't wait to share it with you. After all, the world could do with some more cute dogs in sweaters! Go get out your crochet hooks, choose your favorite sweater colors and get crocheting!
I have provided some bonus patterns at the end of this article: the crochet pattern for a cute bow tie and for a gorgeous applique heart! You can use one of these items to embellish this cute amigurumi doll. The bow tie will give your little dog a sophisticated look and with a heart on his belly the dog will make a perfect gift!
I have also added the pattern for round bear ears. With these, you can make your creation into a little bear instead of a dog! How cool is that!

Click the photo for the link to the pattern!

amigurumi dog in sweater crochet pattern

amigurumi dog in sweater crochet pattern

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