maandag 28 mei 2018

Weird Crochet: Funky Crochet Glasses!

Kids... They really request the weirdest things! 

When asked what I could make for her, my niece said: Glasses! When asked "Why?" she didn't know. Ah well... glasses it is! 

I decided to make my life a little easier by crocheting around the frame of an old pair of sunglasses bought from the charity shop. Removing the lenses was an interesting experience! But finally.... the frame was ready to be "crocheted". 

The color choice was (of course!) pink, and I decided to use the "hottest" pink I could find in my stash. And then the craftiness began: after a bit of trial and error, a combination of crochet, glue and simple beadwork produced this masterpiece: 

Pink crochet glasses with silver beads

Pink crochet glasses with silver beads

Pink crochet glasses with silver beads

And finally: the inevitable "wearing what you made" shot!

Pink crochet glasses with silver beads

Don't I look happy?

The glasses were (of course!) wáy to big for my niece's little face, but she loved them anyway. She used them for a Halloween look and even took them to school to show them off to her classmates!

Sorry, no pattern! Just wing it!

Happy Crocheting!

PS: Of course you want to see how these glasses look on my niece. As soon as I can find those photos I will add them here!

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