maandag 16 juli 2018

MevvSan: Crochet Designer!

Meet Mevlinn Gusick, the crochet pattern designer of MevvSan! She started crocheting while in college and now sells her wonderful designs online! She specializes in adorable amigurumi designs and has a wide arrange of patterns available: from cute bunnies and bears to awesome dinosaurs and monsters! 

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Mevlinn sells her patterns (ánd finished amigurumi!) in her Etsy Shop. I had a difficult time to pick only a few favorites: they are all very cute! So scroll down to see my selection and definitely check out her store to see the rest!

Click the photos for the link to the patterns!!

Phoenix Crochet pattern

Possum Crochet pattern

Dinosaur Crochet pattern

Chicken Crochet pattern

Dinosaur Crochet pattern

Dinosaur Crochet pattern

Flamingo Crochet pattern

Halloween bat Crochet pattern

Horse Crochet pattern

Ladybug Crochet pattern

Raccoon Crochet pattern

Turkey Crochet pattern

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